How to route expenses to certain approvers based on amount, category, etc.

In addition to  creating warning and blocking rules to enforce your expense policy, you can build logic that routes certain expenses to an approver based on amount, user, Team FieldExpense Field, expense type (corporate card or reimbursable), and category. 

Create an Approval Routing rule if you'd like certain expenses to be routed to the Inbox of a particular Manager or Admin. Once these rules are in place, expenses will be routed to that approver first. When an expense is waiting on this approval, it will appear in the Pending section for other Admins. 

Note: Expenses will never be routed to the expenser. i.e. if Sue expenses $10 at Starbucks, even if there's an approval routing rule where Sue approves all coffee expenses, that particular expense will *not* be routed to Sue (because generally it's not a good idea for people to approve their own expenses). 

Also Note: If the approver is both a manager and an admin, his or her approval will be final and the expense will just require one layer of approval. 

Here's how it works:

1.   Select the approver. This is the manager or admin who will receive the expense in his or her inbox first, if these criteria are met. 

2.  Route expenses for. This is the who the rule applies to. You can choose everyone, a particular user, or a certain custom Team Field like Department or Location.

3.  Expense source. Choose between every expense, corporate card expenses or reimbursable expenses only.

4.  Amount greater than. This is the expense amount above which the expense is routed to the approver.

5.  Expense Tags. Choose a custom Expense Field that will determine the approver. Expenses with this field will be routed to the approver you specify. 

6.  For expenses categorized as. Select a category to determine approval routing. Expenses with this category will be routed to the approver you specify.

In the above example, every expense from the Customer Success team above $500 will be routed for Omar for approval.

Prioritizing approval routing rules 

You might have expenses that meet the criteria of two routing rules. For example, an $800 expenses would meet the criteria for two rules: expenses over $500 go to Stephanie Tanner, and expenses over $750 go to Kimmy Gibbler. In this case, the first rule (top down) will be used: the $800 expense would go to Kimmy.

To change the order of the approval routing rules, drag and drop the rules by clicking on the blue grid to the left of the rule:

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