Do you integrate with accounting / bookkeeping software? (Quickbooks, etc.)

Yes we do! We have direct integrations with Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop as well as the Xero accounting software. These integrations allow you to map your general ledger to Abacus and seamlessly auto-sync your expenses in the background.  

Abacus also has an ‘export to CSV' option that gives you an expenses data file that you can import into any accounting platform (this also supports the mapping of your own custom GL codes). 

Please reference the below Help Articles -- 

Xero integration - see our 'how to connect with xero' article. 

QuickBooks Online integration - see our 'how to connect with QB Online' article. 

QuickBooks Desktop integration - see our 'how to connect with QB Desktop' article. 

Netsuite integration - see our 'how to connect with Netsuite' article. 

Manual CSV Accounting & GL Mapping - see our 'how to map your GL codes' article as well as our 'exporting expense data' article.

If you have specific ideas or requests around other accounting software or 3rd-party integrations, we’d love to hear them. Send a note to

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