How do I connect my QuickBooks Online Accounting software to Abacus

To connect your Quickbooks Online account to Abacus, the first step is to log in to your Abacus account and head to the Accounting Sync tab of your company settings. (Note: only admins can edit the accounting sync settings). 

Click the 'Connect to QuickBooks' button, and select QuickBooks Online

Sign into your Quickbooks account, and select the company you're working with (there will usually only be one option here). Click "Authorize."

Great! Now your accounts are connected.

The next step is to select your 'payment account' and your 'default bookkeeping category'

Your 'payment account' is the bank account that will be debited when you make a reimbursement. Selecting this will ensure that your reimbursements automatically get reconciled — we'll submit both both the 'bill' and the 'bill payment', which will cancel each other out. 

The 'default bookkeeping category' is the category that we'll label any uncategorized expenses. Usually it's good to select something like 'Uncategorized Expenses'. You can always go into QuickBooks later on and add categories or adjust categories for any of your expenses.

The final step is to map Abacus categories with your QuickBooks categories, sometimes referred to as your chart of accounts. 

You can perform that mapping on the ' Categories' tab. You'll now see a new column called 'Chart of Accounts'. You can add and remove categories on the left (what everyone on your team will see in Abacus) and then map them to the corresponding category / account in QuickBooks. 

Click 'Save' at the bottom, and you're done!

Setting up your corporate cards to sync to Quickbooks:

Each time a corporate card expense is approved in Abacus, we will push a corresponding transaction into Quickbooks Online. Once you've connected your corporate card account to Quickbooks, complete the set up by navigating to the  Accounting Sync tab in your settings. 

If you have one card feed in Quickbooks, select the second option to sync to one card feed. Select the card feed from the drop down menu, and click "Save." 

If you have multiple card feeds in your Quickbooks, select the last option to sync to multiple card feeds. You will need to map each card to the correct feed. Click "none" to view a drop down menu of available card feeds. Click "Save," and you're done! 

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