How to map Abacus Categories to your General Ledger (GL) Codes for CSV export

Abacus can integrate directly with QuickbooksXero, and Netsuite

If you use another Accounting platform, we suggest using our .csv data export to make the month-end reconciliation easy. We know that one of the hardest parts is making sure your expenses are first properly categorized before importing them into your accounting platform. 

On Abacus, we give you a robust set of default expense Categories that you can fully customize to add new Categories and sub-Categories. First make sure that you've customized your set of Categories to reflect your company's needs and are simple and clear for your Employees. Learn how to do that here:  Adding a custom category or subcategory

Once you do that, you're ready to sync your Abacus Expense Categories to your GL Codes. Here is how to do this one-time mapping:

Step 1: Enable manual mapping

Go to our Accounting Sync options in the Company Settings and enable the "Manually Map Categories" option:

Step 2: Map your category list to your accounts

Go to your Categories Settings to do the one-time mapping and enter in your GL Codes.

Hit Save, and you're done! Now when you export your .csv file, you will have a column for the Abacus category and the GL code.

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