Adding new users to your Abacus account

Invite New Team Members

As an administrator, head to your People page in your account. In the upper right hand corner, click on the Invite Team Members button

Type in the e-mail of the person you’d like to invite. You can also copy and paste a comma or space-separated list of email addresses to invite people in bulk. 

Send out Invitations Immediately 

You can add an optional note welcoming them to Abacus. Then click invite!

Send out Invitations at a Later Time

You also have the option to send the invitation to the employee at a later time! Simply click 'Advanced' and switch the toggle to 'No'. 

The invitation will be saved in the 'People' tab along with the rest of your team. This allows you to add additional details,  team fields, to this employee's Abacus profile prior to inviting them to join. You can simply hit 'Send Invite' when you're ready. 

Setting a deactivation date

An additional option you have is to set a deactivation date for an Abacus account. This can come in handy when you would like to invite a temporary employee or are interviewing candidates who will need access to Abacus for a set period of time.

That’s it! That user(s) will receive an email with an invitation to join your Abacus account. 

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