How to connect your company bank account

The first step in reimbursing your employees is to connect the company's bank account in Abacus. This will allow ACH transfers from the company bank account into employee's bank accounts. Navigate to your company settings by clicking the 'Account & Settings' tab in your Admin navigation bar, then under your organization select the 'Bank Account' tab, and click the blue 'Connect Bank' Button.

You will be given the option to connect to a supported bank by logging in with your online banking credentials or by entering in your account and routing numbers.

Connecting a supported bank

To connect to a supported bank, select your bank name from the available list and enter your username and password. You can either click ‘Next’ or select ‘Deposit Verification.’

If you click ‘Next’ you will be prompted to answer the multi-factor verification questions that are required by the bank account (this might be a security question such as ‘What town were you born in?’). If you are unsure of what the questions and answers are, you should select ‘Connect to any US bank manually.’ This will take 2-3 days and requires you to verify the trial deposit amount within Abacus.

Connecting a non-supported bank

To connect a non-supported bank, you will need the following information: name on the account, routing number, account number, and account type.

Connecting manually by entering in the account and routing numbers will require you to enter in trial deposit amounts on the bank account tab of your  'Account & Settings' tab. Keep an eye out for these two trial deposits, and then head to this page to verify the account. 

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