Using Team Fields to add information to your expense flow

Team Fields allow admins to assign an additional piece of information to each employee. These fields are only visible to admins.  Examples include: Office Location, Department, Group, and Employee ID.

You can add a Team Field on your People page, or by navigating to your  Team Fields tab in your 'Account & Settings' tab. Select the field type. We've provided a few standard ones to choose, or you can create a custom field. 

In this example, "Location" is the Team Field, and Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso have been added as field items. After adding a Team Field to your account, you can assign this additional piece of information to individuals or groups of users. This data will be automatically associated with each expense submitted by these users. 

On your people page, you can toggle between different Team Fields in order to view that information for each employee. Click the pencil icon to assign or change a Team Field.

Mapping Team Field items to your accounting software 

If you have set up an integration Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, or Netsuite, you can map your Team Field items to a field in your accounting software. 

First, select the Accounting Field drop down in the header of the field you've just created, and select the accounting field: 

Then, match each item on the list with the accounting field item: 

Archiving Custom Field Items: 

If your team has a field that is no longer in use, you can archive the field, without losing access to any search or reporting capabilities related to that field. When a field is archived, it will still remain on all historic expenses, so you can still use the disabled field to run reports! 

The disabled field will no longer show up in your Team Fields list after they have been archived, and archived fields cannot be reactivated. 

Mapping Custom Fields to your Accounting Software: 

QBO and QBD maps to:  class, customer

Xero maps to:   tracking categories 

Netsuite maps to:    location, department, class 

Intacct maps to:  class, department, location, customer, item

Learn more about managing your team and assigning Team Fields to people  here

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