Connecting a Corporate Card Program

The Card Program feature allows an Abacus admin to connect a team's corporate cards all at once, and then assign each card to individual employees. This is the best option if you use one set of login credentials to access all of your team's cards in one online account. 

Step 1: connect your card program

To add a card program to your account, start by navigating to your Team Cards page and clicking the "add card program" button. 

Search for your bank and select the option that says "Bank Name - Subaccounts." 

Log in to your account using the credentials you'd use to access your card program. 

You'll be prompted to select a date after which you'd like us to import your transactions. That's it! We will import all cards associated with this account. 

Step 2: assign cards to your employees

Once the program has been connected, you'll see them listed at the top of your Team Cards page. Hover over the name of the Card Program and then click the blue "assign cards" link.

Once you save this, the cards will show up in the personal accounts of the employees who've been assigned a card. 

Syncing your corporate card expenses to your Accounting software: 

On your  Accounting Sync tab of your settings, scroll to the bottom and you can choose to connect to a single card feed in your accounting software, or multiple card feeds. 

When transactions are approved by an admin, they will be synced into your accounting software and automatically matched to the card feed. Selecting your card feed here is required for the sync to match transactions to the correct card feed in your accounting platform. 

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