Connecting a Corporate Card Program

The Team Cards feature allows an Abacus admin to invite all corporate card users to connect their company cards. This will allow for central management of each of your cardholder’s corporate cards, and give you real-time insight into corporate card spend.

A few notes before you get started:

  • If you are using Business Tier cards, this is contingent upon each cardholder having their own set of login credentials.
  • If your team does not have individual login credentials please get in touch with your bank rep or just run an online search for “Enroll in Online Banking + Bank Name”.
  • If you’re a Chase user, please click here to learn about enrolling in online banking.

Step 1: Find your Bank

To add a card program to your account, start by navigating to your Team Cards page and clicking the "Add Card Program" button.

Next, search for your bank:

We offer direct integrations for all commercial tier programs, as well as all SVB, CNB, Square1, and Capital One cards. If you are using a commercial tier program, please contact support to get started.

If your cards are business tier, you can search for your bank here:

After choosing your bank, you can select a transaction import date. This will be the default “start date” for all of your cardholder’s transactions, when they connect their cards to Abacus. If a team member gets a new corporate card later on, we will use the date of first purchase as the start date.

Step 2: Add Cards

After you’ve selected your bank, you will see the card account appear on the top of the Team Cards page.

To invite a team member to connect their card, select “Assign Cards”

You should invite all team members who hold a corporate card. Please note that the team member must also be on Abacus before you invite them.

You should invite all team members who hold a corporate card. They will receive an email that looks like this:

The “connect card” button will take them to a portal where they can enter their corporate card login credentials, and connect the new card. The cards will show up in the personal accounts of the employees who've been assigned a card, and you will be able to view all card activity on the  Team Cards page.

Step 3: Manage Cards

By selecting “assign cards”, you’ll see this module appear. Once a card is connected, you’ll have the option to re-assign and remove cards as you need.

Syncing your corporate card expenses to your Accounting software:

On your  Accounting Sync tab of your settings, scroll to the bottom and you can choose to connect to a single card feed in your accounting software, or multiple card feeds.

When transactions are approved by an admin, they will be synced into your accounting software and automatically matched to the card feed. Selecting your card feed here is required for the sync to match transactions to the correct card feed in your accounting platform.

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