How do I indicate an expense is billable?

If you re-bill some of your expenses back to your clients, you have the option to enable a billable field in your expenses. 

Navigate to the  Features tab in your company settings. Under the Billable section, select the option to 'Enable billable field.'

Make sure to click "save" at the bottom of this page. Once this feature is enabled, a Billable toggle will appear on the expense submission form: 

Syncing billable expenses into QuickBooks

You can sync your customer list in QuickBooks with a 'Customer' field in Abacus. Learn how to create a custom Expense Field and map it to your customer list here.  Once this is set up, expenses will arrive in QuickBooks mapped to a customer.  (Please note that this is currently only available for QuickBooks Online and Desktop; If you are interested in making this available for Xero and Netsuite, please let us know!). 

To sync billable expenses to your QuickBooks, you must create an Expense Field and map it to your customer list. Please review instructions on creating an Expense Field here

Warning! If your Expense Fields are not mapped to your Customer list, expenses marked as 'Billable' will not be synced into your QuickBooks. 

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