Connect Abacus to Slack

The Abacus bot helps you manage expenses at your company — admins can approve expenses and employees can submit receipts. Admins can also invite new members to their team. 

Get Started

To enable the Abacus bot in Slack, head over to your  App Integrations page and click the 'Add to Slack' button. (You must be an admin to connect enable this integration)

You'll be asked to auth your account:

Once you connect Abacus, head over to Slack and you should see a welcome message from the @abacus bot:

Now you're all set! If you ever get lost, type 'help' and the Abacus bot will remind you what it can do.

Note: the email addresses of the members of your Slack team must match the email addresses of your accounts in Abacus, so we know who is an admin and who has permission to review and approve expenses.

You can manage your Slack notification preferences on the  Notification Settings tab:

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