Zenefits Integration

By integrating with  Zenefits, we’re removing duplicated work for both admins and employees, making it easy to keep records consistent across platforms.

With the new integration, Abacus administrators can keep user access in sync with an employee’s Zenefits profile, inviting and deactivating team members as necessary. Once an employee is invited to Abacus, they will be able to use their Zenefits profile to pre-fill their Abacus account information, making it simple to get started.

How to set up a Zenefits integration from Abacus

In your  App Integrations tab in your organization settings, expand the Zenefits option and click the "Add Zenefits" button:

Next you'll be asked to log in to your Zenefits account: 

You'll be asked to authorize Abacus to access certain information from your Zenefits account. Click the "Authorize" button:

That's it! 

How to use your employee data in Zenefits to invite new users in Abacus 

On your  People page in Abacus, click the "Invite From Zenefits" button at the top right corner of the page. The number in this button is the number of new employees in Zenefits whose email addresses are not yet associated with an Abacus account: 

You can filter your team by status. The Uninvited section groups everyone who has an account set up in Zenefits, but no account in Abacus. The "Invite All" button allows you to invite everyone with one click:

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