Admin Notifications

As an admin, you'll be notified when there are certain items within your Abacus account that need your attention. The notification will appear as an orange bubble when you log in to your account:

The following events will result in a notification: 

  • Reimbursements have been paused due to a failed debit from your organization’s bank account
  • A deposit to an employee’s bank account was unsuccessful
  • A debit hasn't synced to your accounting software
  • A corporate card transaction hasn't synced to your accounting software
  • There is an error in the connection to your corporate cards
  • Three days after the end of a month, there are outstanding un-expensed corporate card transactions from the previous month
  • An employee has a payment waiting for them but hasn't connected a bank account yet 

You can dismiss the errors by clicking the red X next to the notification. When the issue is resolved, the notification will turn gray, and they will remain grayed out until you dismiss them. Click on the notification to navigate to the page in Abacus that will allow you to take action on a notification item. 

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