Setting up your Abacus Account with Zenefits

If you don't have an Abacus account yet, you can set one up via Zenefits. In the Apps section of your Zenefits account, click "add an app" and then choose Abacus from the Expense Management section. 

Choose Abacus as your Expense Management integration, review the permissions, and then click "Connect or Sign Up":

From the Abacus + Zenefits integration page, click on "Sync with Zenefits" in the middle of the page: 

First, you'll be asked to set up your company account in Abacus. We'll pull in as much information from your Zenefits profile as we can: 

Next, set up your personal Abacus account: 

We'll need you to verify your email address: 

From the verification email, click "complete activation." 

Once you're logged into your Abacus account, certain tasks like adding your organization's bank account will already be complete: 

Now, you can easily invite new users that are already stored in your Zenefits account. 

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