How to assign a Delegate role

How to Assign a Delegate role

If you have team members who are responsible for submitting corporate card expenses on behalf of others, or if you otherwise have cards that are shared between employees, you can assign a delegate in Abacus! 

As an admin, your  Team Cards page will list out all employees with corporate cards. At any point, admins can expand the list of un-expensed transactions and submit them on behalf of the cardholder, or skip the transactions (only admins can skip!). To add a delegate, click the "Add Delegate" button to the top right of the employee: 

Select the user who needs access to this person's corporate cards, and then click add:

Now, each Delegate will be listed next to the employee's cards, and you can hover over the icon to view the user:

What does this look like for the Delegate? 

Once a user has been designated a Delegate, they will see a new toggle when they log into their account. This will allow them to toggle between their own account, and their Delegate account where they can view the corporate cards of those they are assigned to: 

To view the cards, the employee will toggle to the Delegate view, and then click "Team Cards." This page will show all cards assigned to them: 

To submit these expenses, click on the number of un-expensed transactions: 

Looks like Hilary already sent in her receipts to, and they've automatically matched with the card transactions - nice!

To submit the expense, click the pencil icon to the right: 

This will pop open the regular expense submission window. You can even choose from the receipts bin of the cardholder! 

What if I'm already an admin in the account?

If you are already an admin, nothing will change for you. As an admin, you always have the option to expense on behalf of others right from the Team Cards page. Just expand the list of corporate card transactions, and click expense next to the transactions you'd like to submit.

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