How to Invite your Chase Corporate Cardholders to Access their Accounts Online

If your team is using Chase Business cards, each user will need their own set of login credentials in order to connect their card to Abacus. If your team already has their own login credentials, please reference  this support article, which explains how to connect a corporate card to your Abacus account, using an individual login. 

Using the Chase Online Banking Center, any team member with full administer permissions can create a temporary username and password for all cardholders, which the employee can use to enroll in online access. You can also specify the levels of account permissions that each cardholder should have (i.e. individual, or manager level transaction access). 

Delegating Access and Permissions: 

  • From an admin home screen you can find it on the sidebar under Customer Center - you'll want to navigate to "Delegate with Access and Security Manager"

The next screen allows you to add authorized users. 

  • If you prefer that your team members only view their own transactions, only grant them "authorized user" permissions. 

For further instruction, please reference  this support article on the Chase FAQ page. 

Once all team members have enrolled, Chase Business Cards can be added to Abacus following the  instructions listed here.

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