Abacus + Capital One Corporate Card Integration

Abacus can connect directly with your Capital One business card feed, and pull in the transaction data for corporate card management in Abacus. 

Please note: This integration is for business tier cards only. If you have a commercial tier card, please contact support@abacus.com and we will help you set up your integration! 

To connect a Capital One Card Program, click the 'Add Card Program' button on your  Team Cards page:

Next, select Capital One from the list: 

If your card is a business tier card (Capital One Sparks, etc.), then select the business option: 

This will take you to the Capital One website and prompt you to login with your admin Capital One credentials: 

Once you've logged in, you'll need to select the account you want to authorize access to. Check off the account, and then click 'Authorize.'

You'll be redirected back to the Abacus site, where you'll select how far back in time you want your transactions to go: 

Once you've added the Program, you'll see the Card listed at the top of your Team Cards page. Hover over it, and click the blue 'Assign Cards' link:

Assign each card to the appropriate cardholder in your Abacus account: 

That's it! Once you assign cards, they will appear in the cardholder's personal Abacus account. 

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