Manage Notification Settings in Abacus

Notifications in Abacus

This page in your 'Account & Settings' tab gives you the option to opt-in or opt-out of notifications related to your Abacus account activity.

Each check box displayed in the image below allows you to select your preferred notifications channel. Depending on the account activity, you'll have three options for notifications: 

  1. Email: sent to your primary email address in Abacus
  2. Push: Notifications via our mobile app
  3. Slack: applies only if you have the Slack integration set up and you are an admin or user 

Please note: the only notification that is not optional is an email notification when your expense is approved or denied by an admin. This is because admin approval triggers expense reimbursement, and this is how you'll know when to expect your payment (a few days after you receive this email!).

Select the boxes to the left of any of the options if you’d like to opt-in to a notification.

All users can opt in to the following notifications: 

  • “Abacus Newsletter”: receive periodic newsletters which contain links to relevant blog content and tips
  • “Abacus Product Announcements”: receive updates on all new product features!
  • “Abacus Promotional Messages”: receive special promotional messages
  • "Ad Admin approves your expense": receive a notification whenever your expense is given final approval
  • “Someone comments on an expense you follow”: receive a notification when another user leaves a comment on an expense with which you’re associated. If you are a delegate of an expense, you will also receive an email when someone comments on an expense that you submitted on behalf of the primary card holder.
  • “A transfer to your bank starts": receive an email each time a transfer to your bank starts
  • “New suggested expenses (based on your connected cards, receipts, etc.)”: receive an update of all the new expense suggestion based on your card activity. You can learn more about suggested expenses here.

Admins can opt in to the following notifications:

  • “Daily digest of unapproved expenses (max one email per day): receive a reminder of those new unapproved expenses that were submitted within the last 24 hours (beginning at 6 PM EST and onward).
  • “An employee creates an expense”: receive a notification when an expense was submitted by someone you manage
  • “A manager approves an expense”: as an admin, receive an update when a manager approves an expense
  • “Monthly stats roll-up”: receive a monthly summary of your Abacus account activity
  • “Receive an email daily of expenses that have been automatically approved”
  • “Emails about getting started with Abacus”: receive onboarding tips and guidelines that will help you set up your Abacus profile
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