Lyft Integration

The Abacus integration with Lyft automatically sends ride receipts to Abacus to submit with an expense later. 

How Lyft works with Abacus

To indicate that a Lyft ride is a company expense, make sure that the Business/Personal option is set to "Business" when booking your ride:

All business rides will be sent to your Abacus receipts page. The amount, date and note will be auto-populated.

How to set up the Abacus & Lyft integration

In your Lyft Business Profile settings, make sure the email listed is an email address associated with your Abacus account.

When you've clicked on the Business profile, select Expense management and choose Abacus from the list:

That's it! For more information on Lyft's Business Profile feature, please refer to their help article.

A few things to note: 

  • If the credit card listed in your Business Profile matches a credit card that you've connected in Abacus, the receipt will automatically match the card transaction. 
  • If your Lyft ride is broken out into fare amount and tip, Lyft will send 2 receipts to Abacus.
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