How to create Insights to visualize your spend data

Insights is a powerful tool to help you drill down into your expense data to analyze company spend. These summaries and charts will help you find trends, patterns and anomalies so that you can more accurately prepare budgets and find ways to optimize spending.

Report on your expense data by category, employee, custom team and expense fields, and much more!  These customizable reports will update in real-time as your team submits expenses that fall within your saved criteria.

Here's a quick video that shows how this works: 

How to Create an Insight Report

Similar to Live Reports, Insights can be created by filtering expenses.

As an Admin, you have the ability to create a custom report by filtering expenses by criteria like Category, Expense Field, Team, and more. Any report you generate can be converted into an Insight.

To begin, from your Inbox Live Report (the default view when you login), click the "Chart View” tab at the top of the page:

Next, select “Filter Expenses” on the right.

Your list of available filters will expand, and by default, the Section: Inbox will be selected:

You can Add multiple filters by clicking on the down arrow to expand your filter options. The filters you apply will be listed at the top of your page:

In this example, we selected the filters Status: Approved and Amount: Greater than $100.

The default Time Range is “All Time” for any new Insight. However, you can change this by clicking “All Time” next to “Filter Expenses” and changing the range.

To save, Click “Save Insight” and name your report.

It will appear in the left side navigation under Insights.

On the Insight, you can hover over the any data point on the line chart for more details. Clicking into any of the data points will pull up a report of the expenses that make up that data. At the bottom of the, there is a bar chart that provides further details of the data so that you can drill into your spend:

You can use the tabs at the top of the bar chart to see the expenses in more detail, sorting them by employee, department, merchant and more:  

Difference between Live Reports and Insights

Live Reports are meant to help you efficiently review and approve expenses. These reports have a default view of an Expense List.

Insights are meant to help you analyze your data. These reports default to the Chart View.

Getting the most out of Insights

There’s a lot you can do with Insights. Here are some ideas for Insights you might want to save to get you started:

View travel spend by Merchant, Project, Department to make smarter policies, purchasing decisions

Using Insights to dissect travel spend gives visibility into where the most money is being spent in each category. For example, you can see the most commonly used travel vendors, and use that information to research the best deals for flights and hotels. You could also analyze categorical spend to create a more informed travel policy to prevent excessive spend.

View a Chart’s breakdown by field

Insights presents data in the form of a Time Series chart, showing overall spending, as well as bar charts that break down spending by team and expense fields. Compare spend by field to identify recurring vendors, costly projects and top spenders. Use this information to inform expense policy and potential vendor partnerships.

Dive deep into month-over month spend in preparation for quarterly planning

In preparation for quarterly planning, view month-over-month spend by category to identify major spikes and drops, dive deep into those trends to set more accurate budgets for the coming months.

Click into peaks and troughs to obtain more detailed reports of your spending

Clicking into any of these data points will dive into a more detailed view so that you can determine anomalies versus spend that is going to continue increasing

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