Your Corporate Cards are now centrally managed on the Team Cards page

The 'Team Cards' page allows Admins to centrally manage all corporate cards under a designated card program. This means Admins can not only view, skip, or expense transactions on corporate cards in the 'Team Cards' page, but they will also be able to invite employees to connect, unassign and reassign corporate cards. 

How might this affect your team's existing corporate cards that were not part of a card program?

Corporate cards that were connected by individual employees on their own Abacus account will now be consolidated on the 'Team Cards' page into a  card program with subaccounts. Employees will now only be able to connect their corporate card once they receive an invitation from an Admin to connect their card.

Why might you have multiple card programs?

Connections to your cards are organized by financial institution. So, for example, even if Chase is the financial institution that issued the cards, each person may have selected a unique connection (i.e. Chase business cards, Chase Ink, Chase credit card) that may have successfully allowed the cards to sync. Because each card program is organized by the specific financial institution that was used to connect the card to Abacus, it’s possible that two or more Chase cards are organized in to different Programs. 
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