Abacus API

The Abacus API is available to our Partners, as well as customers on our Enterprise pricing plan. This help doc will review the different endpoints available, as well as an overview of what you will need to get started.

For more information on using our API, contact sales@abacus.com.

What can you do with the Abacus API?

We’ve built endpoints that allow you to access several crucial actions in Abacus. Using our API you can:

  • Invite and suspend users using their email address
  • Add information to user profiles:
    • First and last name, manager assignment, and custom Team field information such as department or location
    • Example: Add department information to a user’s profile
  • List, add, and remove Expense and Team Field items
    • Expense and Team fields are customized fields that allow you to capture additional information on each expense, such as project, client, department, and location
    • Example: add a department item to the Department field list
  • Add images to users' receipt inboxes
    • Abacus stores receipt images for expense submission. This endpoint stores receipts to a user’s individual Abacus account

How does the API work?

The Abacus API uses modern API technologies such as OAuth 2.0 for authentication and REST/JSON for request and responses. Detailed documentation is available once we’ve reviewed your use case.

How do you get started?

  • Currently API access is restricted to Partners and Enterprise customers.
    • To become an Abacus Partner, please visit our Partner Information page and fill out the form at the bottom
    • Enterprise customers may reach out directly to their Account Manager
  • We’ll work closely with you to understand your specific use case and provide you with necessary documentation to ensure that you’re successful with using our API
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