Using Connected Orgs to Manage Multiple Entities

What is the Connected Orgs feature?

Abacus' Connected Orgs feature allows companies with multiple subsidiaries to easily manage and switch between their different entities. 

The Connected Orgs feature allows a user to be a member of multiple organizations and easily flip between accounts. Their personal information comes along with them, between accounts.  

Which companies should use the Connected Orgs feature?

The ‘Connected Orgs’ feature is ideal for companies that have one of the following use-cases:

  1. Companies with multiple subsidiaries or entities, and have...
    1. multiple instances of books or accounting journals
    2. multiple bank accounts that will be used for reimbursement purposes
  2. Outsourced accountants who manage multiple Abacus accounts

The Connected Orgs feature is available through our enterprise plan. If you are interested in this feature or would like additional information, please reach out to or visit our pricing page to set up a demo here.

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