Using the Corporate Card Statement Date

The Corporate Card Statement date feature only applies to users with commercial tier cards, and is currently supported for American Express commercial cards and Silicon Valley Bank cards.

Access to the Statement Date for corporate card charges helps you stay organized and on top of expensing card transactions. With this feature, you can pull reports based on statement date, bulk remind users to submit card transactions before statement end, and more easily reconcile transactions in accounting.

The Statement date can be found in the following places:

The Expense View 

When you open up the details of an expense in Abacus, you will see a line of information under the amount that shows the statement date for the expensed transaction. 

You can also use this feature to filter expenses. When filtering expenses by Date Range, select "Statement Date" under "Event". Select a date range that brackets the event date, and the resulting expense list and report will be organized by the statement dates contained in that period.

The statement date will be listed as an individual date line on each relevant expense:

Expense Exports

If you export this live report, or any report, you will see a column in the resulting CSV titled Statement Date. This column will hold the statement date for each expense in the report. 

Team Cards Exports

From the Team Cards page, when you export card transactions, the resulting CSV will contain a column titled Statement Date, with the statement date information for each transaction. This information will be included for both expensed and unexpensed transactions. 

**We were not able to mark a statement date for expenses prior to getting this information unmasked from Amex, which was around 10/15. This means that from any expense from ~10/15 onward you should expect to be able to use statement date, but not historical expenses

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