How to Create a Custom CSV Export Template with Export Builder

With Export Builder, you can create and save custom export templates in Abacus that will be available to you when you need to export your company's data. 

Creating a New Template

To create a new template, you will have to navigate to  Account and Settings > Export Builder > Add a Template.

Step 1: Choose How You Want to Create Your Template

When you click into 'Add a Template,' you will see two options to choose from:

If you choose ‘ Based on a platform-specific template’ you can use our platform specific templates for Sage, Dynamics or Oracle, which have columns based on the requirements of each platform. *Note - Because each accounting sync is so customizable, you will still have the option to edit preset columns in the template if you need to make unique adjustments.

If you choose ‘ Create a template from scratch’ you will be able to create your own unique template.

Step 2:  Name Your Template 

After selecting your accounting software, please name your template. For example, this might be the template you will use for your Accounting Software that is not directly integrated with by Abacus. You will have the option to save multiple templates, should you choose to.

Step 3: Rename the fields

The ‘ Abacus field,’ on the left hand side, refers to the field as it appears in Abacus. You then have the option to rename this field on the right.  

To change what each field exports as, just click on the field you would like to edit and you will be able to modify it. 

Step 4: Add Additional Fields

Click on the " + Add a column" option to add additional columns to the export. This will then give you the option to select a column from a dropdown. 

You are are also able to combine columns together as well as add a separator, such as a forward-slash or colon, between values. For example, you may want to combine your 'department' and 'location' fields while adding a comma between the values. You can see how to do it by following the instructions in the “ How to concatenate” help text. 

Step 5: Save the Template

Once you've added all of the columns to your template, you can go ahead and ' Save Template.' If you made a mistake or need to add or remove columns, you will see that you have the option to edit a saved template. 

How to Export Expense Data Using Saved Templates

Once you've saved the template, all you need to do to pull the formatted expense data is choose the appropriate filters or expenses, click the 'export' option, and select your new template.

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