Booking Airfare Reservations

Abacus Travel allows users to book flights, hotels, train and car reservations quickly and effortlessly online. This article specifically shows booking airfare.

Step 1: On your Abacus Expense account, select book travel.

Step 2: On the left panel, select Round Trip, One-Way, or Multi-City at the top. Enter your From and To locations, along with the departure and return dates and times. Use additional filtering on the in My Preferences if necessary. Click Search.

Please Note: If Search by Schedule is selected, Leg 1 and Leg 2 will be selected individually.

Step 3: Fares reflected are categorized by fare family and ticket class and will note trip totals based on the lowest available fare. If more than one fare is available for an option, the fares will be listed for selection.

Please Note: Click Warnings to view potential company policy violations.

Step 4: You will be presented with any lower-fare options if they are available. Otherwise, you are taken to the Shopping Cart.

Step 5: Click Purchase to complete the reservation details. Qualifying flight segments will prompt seat selection, and any additional information required by your organization will be collected prior to completing the purchase. Please ensure that the preferred method of payment has been selected, or add a new credit card to the reservation.

Please Note: If you have any unused tickets available from previous bookings, they will be added to this booking.

Step 6: From the Purchased Itinerary page, Itinerary Actions will allow you to email or cancel your reservation.

Step 7: If the itinerary requires approval prior to ticketing, you will receive a confirmation email when the reservation has been approved. Your emailed itinerary will automatically forward to your Abacus receipt inbox and create a suggested trip on your Trips tab.

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