Employee Deactivation Checklist

Deactivating a user in Abacus is simple, but taking the following steps beforehand will ensure that you will not need to reactivate their account, or reimburse them outside of Abacus. 

1. Do they have anything left to expense?

Does the user have any denied expenses that they still need to resubmit? Only the user can resubmit an expense that was sent back. In the admin dashboard, filter for Denied and Resubmittable expenses for the user. If any come up, let the user know they need to resubmit them. 

If the employee is a corporate cardholder, you as the admin should first go to the Team Cards page. Scroll to their card. Do they still have Unexpensed transactions? If the answer is yes, you may want to wait to deactivate them. 

You as the admin can always expense corporate card transactions on behalf of another cardholder, but if you need any more information from them on an expense, remind them to submit these expenses before their final day with the company.

If no, head on to step 2.

2. Do they still need to be paid out for anything?

Has your employee submitted expenses that haven't been approved yet? Are they still waiting on payment for approved expenses? Abacus can reimburse employees after their account has been deactivated, but only so long as they have their bank account connected in Abacus. 

Go to your Admin dashboard and click "Filter Expenses". Remove all other filters and select the employee's name from the User filter. Are any of the expenses that come up still pending approval? If yes, approve the expenses, and check with your employee that their bank account is connected before you deactivate them.

If no, proceed to step 3. 

3. Deactivate the employee

Go to your People page and click the edit icon next to the employee's profile. You can either click "Deactivate this profile" which will deactivate the account immediately, or you can set a later deactivation date. To set a later deactivation date, click "Advanced". Then schedule the deactivation date. On this date, the user will be deactivated. 

Once a user is deactivated, they won't be able to log in to their Abacus accounts on mobile or web. 

If you ever want to view or reactivate a user, you can find them in your People page in the Status menu. Click "Deactivated" and you'll see a list of deactivated users. If you edit their profile, you'll be given the option to Reactivate their profile. 

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