Trip Authorization and Approval

The Trip Authorization feature is how organizations enable company travel policy for trips requiring approval prior to purchase.

  • Authorization – Using email notifications, Abacus Travel provides an approval process for companies requiring booked trips to be authorized before purchasing.
  • Policy Control at Availability –Abacus Travel provides companies with the ability to warn or prohibit users within Abacus Travel during the shopping process, such as if a trip is over a certain dollar amount or currency.

To view your organization’s current, active Trip Authorization Policy:

Terms to know:

  • Always assume approved: All trips in the policy are assumed to be approved and do not require action by the Authorizer.
  • Conditional approval (only applies to ‘Require trip Approval’): Use if the trip condition in the Description column requires approval. The condition applies when the Require Trip Approval box next to it is marked.
  • Policy Control at Availability: Use these options to create a soft stop, a hard stop, or to provide no indicator for travelers when they search for travel:
    • Do Not Apply – Select this option if the company does not need to notify its travelers when they come across this policy. For example, if the trip does not include a return flight, the traveler is not warned or stopped from booking the trip.
    • Warn – Select this option if the company wants to warn its travelers when they encounter the policy violation. For example, if the trip does not include a return flight, or the cost is over a certain amount, the traveler receives a warning.
    • Prohibit – Select if the company needs to prevent travelers from booking the trip when they encounter the policy violation.

Trip conditions which can be configured with conditional approval are:

    • No return flight
    • No return rail
    • No overnight hotel
    • No rental car
    • Trip total cost over [amount] [currency of country]
    • Air/Itinerary booked less than [# days] days prior to departure.
  • AIR
    • Did not take lowest airfare
    • Did not take preferred air option
    • Air Violated Class of Service Policy
    • Did not take any offered air contract
    • Did not take offered U.S. Flag carrier
    • Did not take offered air contract [contract name]
    • Air cost more than [amount/percent] [currency] over the lowest airfare offered
    • Total air cost more than [amount] [currency]
  • CAR
    • Did not take offered contract car
    • Average daily car cost more than [daily car rate] [currency] (excluding taxes and surcharges)
    • Did not take preferred hotel option
    • Did not take offered FEMA compliant hotel
    • Hotel nightly rate more than [nightly rate] [currency] (excluding taxes and surcharges)
  • RAIL
    • Did not take lowest rail fare
    • Rail Violated Class of Service Policy
    • Rail cost more than [amount] [currency] over the lowest rail fare offered
    • Total rail cost more than [amount] [currency]
Warn Policy Example


Prohibit Policy Example


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