Closing the Company Account Checklist

If you want to close your Company Abacus account, there are a number of steps you should take to ensure you won't need to re-open right away, and that you have the information you need. 

1. Do you have any outstanding expenses to approve?

The first thing you should check if you want to close your account is if you have any other expenses to approve. You should approve all submitted expenses in Abacus, to make sure they are paid out before you close the account. 

To check this, go to your Admin dashboard. Click on the Inbox live report and the Pending live report. Are any expenses in these folders? If yes, review the expenses in your inbox and the pending folder and approve any that you would like paid through Abacus. Permanently deny any that you would like to not be paid in Abacus. 

If no, move onto your Accounting Sync check.

2. Do you have any outstanding accounting sync errors?

Before you close the account, you'll want to know that everything you wanted to sync from Abacus is in your accounting system. Go to the Accounting Sync History page. Are there any records listed there that ran into errors? If yes, click "Re-sync Record" next to those that you would like to push through. If you have any trouble syncing them through, reach out to

If no you can move on to saving your old data. 

3. Have you exported your data?

While Abacus will not delete your data when you close your account, you will have to go through the process of re-opening the account to access it. Best practice is to export all of your data before closing the account so that you have it in one place to easily access.

Head to your Admin dashboard, select whichever filters you need, and export your expenses. If you have been using Abacus for a long time you'll have a lot of expenses. This volume may cause the export to time out. To ensure a smooth upload, use the Date Range filter to break the export into Quarters, or Months. If you want to include your receipt images, select to Export to PDF. 

Save your export to your company files, and you can move on to closing the account. 

4. How do I close the account?

To close the company account, head to your Account & Settings page and to the Company Information tab. Scroll down and click "Close Account". Your users will no longer be able to access their accounts.

5. What will happen to expenses that are still being paid out?

Any expenses that have been approved will still be paid out directly to users' connected bank accounts.

6. What will happen with billing?

Your account will no longer be debited with monthly bills.

7. What if I want to reopen my account?

If you would like to re-open your Abacus account, you can go to the login page and use your old admin credentials to login. When you login, you'll immediately be prompted with the option to Re-open your account. All your expense data will still be in the account. If you have any trouble with the account re-opening process, please reach out to and we'll be happy to help.

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