Setting up an Employee Account Checklist

Follow this guide to setting up a new employee account in Abacus to help onboard them on Abacus as quickly and easily as possible.

1. Add the employee in the People page

Go to your People page, click "Invite Team Members" and add the employee's email address. They will be sent an email invitation to activate and set up their profile on Abacus.

2. What is this employee's role in Abacus? 

Ask yourself what this employee will be using Abacus for? Will they primarily be submitting their own expenses? If yes, leave them as a User profile.

Will they be approving their team's expenses? If this is the case, find the profiles of their team members and assign the employee as their manager. 

If they will be approving a large number of employees' expenses, consider if you would like to make them an admin and toggle that option to Yes. 

3. Which groups does this employee belong to?

You should next ask yourself which groups the employee belongs to. Are they in a specific Location or Department? Will they only be working on certain Projects? Assign them Team Fields so that their expenses are all automatically tagged with those pieces of information. This will also make sure they are prompted to enter required pieces of information based on their group.

4. Does this employee use a corporate card?

If yes, then the card should be assigned to them as soon as possible so that they don't accidentally submit reimbursable expenses that should be from their corporate card feed. In the Team Cards page, find their card and assign it to the employee. 

To help train them on the corporate card workflow, send them this article to review: Submitting Corporate Card Expenses

5. Review their first expense

It's good practice to make sure your employ grasps how to use Abacus early on. Take a look at their first expense. Have they submitted an individual item, or have they totaled up their expenses themselves and submitted one for the month? If they are having trouble with the Real-Time Workflow, direct them to or our resources on Expensing and Approval.

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