Adding a Credit Card to Your Travel Profile

Abacus Travel offers you the option to save a credit card to your account. Saving a credit card will allow you to select a payment method with a single click without having to re-enter your card information. The following article will show you how to add your credit card to your Abacus Travel account.

On your Abacus Expense account, select book travel.

Step 2: Click the Profile menu. Then, select Billing Information.

Step 3: Select Add a New Credit Card.

Please Note: Any company cards that you have been given permission to use will also be viewable here.

Step 4: Enter the credit card information in the fields provided.

  • Name of Credit Card: Your own internal reference to this card.
  • Credit card may be used for … :You may decide which types of bookings this card should be used for. 
  • Use as "My Preferred"… : You may decide to set the new credit card as the default card for types of bookings. 

Step 4: Click Save to add the card to your profile

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