Creating an Expense Policy

As an Abacus Administrator, you can modify the company's "Expense Policy" page by adding both programmable rules and a plain text policy. 

To learn more about creating rules and enforcing your policy, visit  this Support Article.

Your Expense Policy Page can be seen by anyone in your organization when they access their lefthand navigation bar and click on Expense Policy:

On the Expense Policy Page, we display Rules that you've created (and options to add more), along with a section for your custom Expense Policy:

Clicking on "+ Policy Overview" will let you enter in your own custom Expense Policy for employees to reference. If you have your Expense Policy documented elsewhere (offline, on an internal webpage, etc), you can transcribe it here to make it easier for Employees to find and reference. 

How to add formatting to your Expense Policy Text: 

We use Markdown to format text in this box. Here is a helpful guide to formatting the text nicely (like Bold, Italics, and underline):

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