How to use the Corporate Card Dashboard

The corporate card dashboard in Abacus allows administrators (admins) to review all corporate credit cards in their organization, filtered by user. Admins will be able to get a high level overview of credit card spend in real time, and ensure all expenses are processed for reconciliation.  

Accessing the Corporate Card Dashboard

Admins can view all corporate card activity from the Team Cards page, visible in the admin menu. 

Card Programs at a Glance 

The top of the page will display any connected card programs, with counts of all cards in the program. 

Active cards will be distinguished by whether or not they've been assigned to users in Abacus. 

Viewing Individual Card Activity 

Beneath the card program listings, each card will be listed separately, by user. If a user has multiple corporate cards assigned to them in Abacus, these will all be listed under that user's name. 

Filtering Options

  • Custom Expense Period: Admins can adjust the date range for the dashboard (i.e. 1/1/18 - 1/31/2018; all transactions before 2/1/2018, and so on) to reflect viewing preferences.

  • Unexpensed Transaction Count and Total: After filtering on a date range, Abacus will display how many transactions an employee did not expense. This number is displayed in red, and clicking on it will display those charges. 

  • Skipped Transaction Count and Total: This is a count/total of transactions that any admins have skipped, on behalf of the cardholder. Clicking on the count total will retrieve a list of those transactions. 

Exporting Data

Admins can export a .CSV file of any unexpensed card transactions from the Team Cards page. First, set the date range, and then click 'Export CSV.'

Managing Cardholder Activity 

There are a few ways admins can manage their cardholders' expense activity in Abacus, to ensure all card transactions are processed in a timely manner for reconciliation.

  • Reminders: The 'Remind' button is located in the right-hand corner of the cardholder name bar, and allows admins to send a reminder to the cardholder encouraging them to address their un-submitted expenses. Cardholders will receive the reminder in the inbox of the email address connected to their Abacus account. 

  • Delegates: The 'Add Delegates' button is located next to the 'Remind' button. This allows admins to grant additional users access to the cardholder's corporate cards. For instance, if the cardholder has an assistant that handles expense submission on their behalf, an admin would add the assistant as a delegate to the cardholder's accounts. To learn more about using the delegates feature, click here.

Skipping Card Transactions

Clicking on the Unexpensed transaction count will display those specific transactions that have not yet been expensed in Abacus. Toggling over an unexpensed item will display the options to 'Expense' or 'Skip' the transaction. Some admins will choose to expense corporate card transactions on behalf of their users in order to ensure completeness when reconciling. 

The 'Skip' feature is only available to admins, and removes the expense from the user's expense list. We advise admins not to skip charges for their cardholders, unless these transactions are not necessary to reconcile. This might apply for instances such as statement payments, which are large negative balances. 

Bulk-Skipping Card Transactions 

To skip all transactions pulled into Abacus through a specific date, please follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the card program and select 'Manage Cards.' 
  2. Select the 'Bulk Skip' option.
  3. Select the card(s) to skip transactions from.
  4. Set the date to skip transactions through. Any transactions made on the date selected will also be skipped. 

Please note, once transactions are bulk-skipped, these cannot be retrieved.

For more on how to bulk-skip card transactions, please visit our support article here

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