How to use the Corporate Card Dashboard

For organization administrators ( "admins"), we have a dashboard that lets you review all the corporate credit cards in your organization, by user. This dashboard is a great way to get a high level overview of your credit card spend in real time and ensure all expenses are processed for reconciliation.  

If your team is managing more than one corporate card, the Corporate Credit Card dashboard becomes viewable here:

What we display:

  • Custom Expense Period: You can adjust the date range for the dashboard (i.e. 1/1/15 - 1/31/2015, All transactions before 2/1/2015, and so on) to reflect your viewing preferences.
  • Cards by User: You can review a list of the company's corporate cards by user. If your company has multiple card programs, the different cards will be listed under their common user. 
  • Unexpensed Transaction Count and Total: After filtering on a date range, we can tell you how many transactions an employee did not expense. This is helpful for you to know so you can properly reconcile all charges. We display the number in red, and clicking on it will display those charges. 
  • Skipped Transaction Count and Total: This is a count/total of transactions that the employee has skipped. Clicking on the count total will take you to a list of those transactions. 
  • Reminders: In the righthand corner of the cardholder name bar, you will see the 'Remind' button, which allows you to send a reminder to the cardholder encouraging them to address their unsubmitted expenses.
  • Delegates:  Next to the 'Remind' button, you will see the 'Add Delegates' button. This allows you to grant additional users access to the cardholder's corporate cards. For instance, if the cardholder has an assistant that handles expense submission on their behalf, you would add the assistant as a delegate to the cardholder's accounts. To learn more about using the delegates feature, click here.

When you click on the Unexpensed transaction count, we will display those specific transactions. No need to go to the bank's website to review this! In the Unexpensed transaction view, if you toggle over the unexpensed item, you will see the options to 'Expense' or 'Skip' the transaction. Some admins will choose to expense corporate card transactions on behalf of their users in order to ensure completeness when reconciling. We encourage admins to instead use the 'Remind' feature to encourage user expense submission. The 'Skip' feature is only available to admins and removes the expense from the user's expense list and from being processed in Abacus. We advise that you don't skip charges for them unless you absolutely do not need them in your books. This might apply for things like statement payments, which are large negative balances. 

How to Bulk Skip Unexpensed Transactions in the 'Team Cards' page:

If you would like to skip all transactions pulled into Abacus through a specific date, you have the ability to do that through the 'Team Cards' page. Just follow these steps:

  1. Hover over the card program and select 'Manage Cards.' 
  2. Select the 'Bulk Skip' option.
  3. Select the card(s) you would like to skip transactions from.
  4. Set the date you would like the transactions to skip through. The transactions made on the date you select will also be skipped. 

The screen-recording below shows you how 'Bulk Skip' works:

Please note, you will not be able to retrieve those transactions once you bulk skip the them. You must be certain these transactions do not have to be submitted by the cardholder. 

Tips on using the Dashboard:

  • Filter the dates by your Card Program's Billing period to see the company's progress towards expensing those transactions
  • If you have multiple users on corporate card programs, you can use the 'Filter Users' feature (located next to the 'Export CSV' button) to search for a specific user

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