How to set up mapping between Abacus custom fields and fields from your accounting software (Class, Department, etc.)

Abacus can sync with some accounting softwares so that expenses flow into your software with the correct expense account, class, department, and other custom fields.  You can sync both Team and Expense fields to your accounting fields if you use  Quickbooks*, Xero, NetSuite and Intacct.

If you use another accounting software, you can set up Custom Export Mapping so that the data that you need will be available in a .CSV export. You will want to  map your categories to your chart of accounts on your categories page. 

In addition to mapping Categories to your Chart of Accounts, you can create custom Team and Expense fields and map these to an additional accounting field like Class, Department, Location, etc.

To associate information with an employee's profile, create a  Team Field. Team fields are things like Office Location, Department, Group, and Employee ID.  

To associate information with each expense, add an Expense Field. Examples include: Project, Event, and Client.

Mapping Team Fields to an accounting field in Abacus

When creating a new Team Field, name the column that you'd like to map the field to in the "Accounting Field" window. In this example, the Team Field is called "Department" and it will be mapped to a column called "Class": 

Once you've created a Team field, hover over the item and click edit:

Type the value of the corresponding Accounting Field. This is what will appear in the column for "Class": 

Refresh the page to view the changes you've made!

Mapping Expense Fields to classes in Abacus

When creating a new expense field, name the accounting field you'd like to map to. In this example, we're mapping the "Client" field items to "Customers":

Once you've created an Expense field, hover over the item and click Edit: 

Then, add in a value for the Accounting Field: 

That’s it! The fields you've set up with custom mapping with be available to you in the CSV export. 

I've already created a custom Team or Expense field, and want to map it to a field from my accounting sync

If you've already created a custom field, great! All you need to do is edit the name of the field and name the field you want to map to. 

For example, I've already created an Expense Field called 'Project'. To map it to an accounting field, first edit the name of the field by clicking the pencil icon in the bottom right corner: 

Then, name the accounting field. In this example I'm calling it "Project Code":

Now, click the edit icon to add in an item from your accounting software: 

Refresh the page to see the changes to the accounting field that you've made! 

*In order to map QBO Classes to Abacus, you need to use, at a minimum, QBO Plus.

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