How to submit a reimbursable expense

Submitting a reimbursable expense on the website

To submit an expense on the web, hit the "New Expense" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 

Fill in the required fields in order to add context to your expense. Amount and Merchant are always required.  If uploading a photo, select an image that is saved somewhere on your computer, or select an image from receipts your forwarded to 

Hit "send" in the bottom right corner - and you're all set! Your manager or administrator will approve the expense, and then you will be reimbursed within 2-3 business days. 

Submitting a reimbursable expense in the app

To submit an expense in the app, click the blue pencil icon in the middle: 

Fill in the total amount of the expense. Click in the Merchant field to add in the location of the expense, add a note, and tap the camera icon to add in a photo to your expense. When you’re all done, just hit send!

To add a photo of the receipt, tap the camera icon. You will be given three options: 1) choose from your saved Receipts; 2) Choose from Library; and 3) Take a photo. The receipts bin holds photos that you have stored for later use, or receipts that you have e-mailed in to Choosing from your Library takes you to your phone's photo library, or you can snap a picture right as you're submitting the expense. 

How to add a receipt to your Receipts Bin 

If you receive a receipt via e-mail, forward it to and we'll turn it into a PDF file and save it in your Receipts page. Or, you can snap a photo of a receipt and save it for later. 

To add a new receipt, click the camera icon in the lower left corner: 

This will pop open the camera app. Just snap the photo, add an optional note, and that's it!

Once the photo is selected, it will be stored in your Receipts Bin for use in the future!

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