How to Connect a Personal Credit Card in Abacus

In order to make it as fast and easy as possible to submit expenses through Abacus, you have the option to link a personal debit or credit card to Abacus. We'll import all transactions made on the card (only you will be able to see them), and each transaction will be listed in your card feed. We'll auto-populate the amount, merchant, and date of the transaction, so that you don't have to fill those fields out. Pretty neat!  

This article will review:

1. How to connect your personal credit card to Abacus

2. How to expense a personal card transaction from your Card Feed

1. How to connect your personal credit card to Abacus

Navigate to your  Cards tab in your navigation bar. 

Here you will be selecting the bank that issued your credit card to begin the process. In order to import your transactions, you will have to log in with the online account that you use to manage your Card. 

To complete the linking process, you need to indicate how far back you want us to import your transactions, and whether you want a daily reminder of new card transactions.  Then you're all set, add your card!

Please note that after you successfully add a card, it can take up to 2 hours for your transactions to import. Bank processing times may vary. 

2. How to expense a personal card transaction from your card feed

We will import your transactions into your card feed as your bank sends them over. Once a transaction is in your feed, you can expense the transaction by clicking 'Expense' and entering in the required fields.

If you connected a personal card and don't want to expense your imported transactions, you can just 'Skip' them. Your employer will never see your skipped transactions. 

Additionally, Card transactions can be expensed from the mobile app (where you can take advantage of photo receipt capture). Tap on the Card icon on the top right of the screen to access your transactions to expense.

1. iPhone home screen, note the card icon in the bottom right

2. When accessed, we display your card transactions sorted by connected card

3. Click on a transaction to expense it

FAQ on managing your Corporate Card with Abacus

Q: How much does this feature cost?
A: It is included in our  
simple pricing! No extra charge

Q: How often does Abacus import transactions, do employees have to wait till the end of the month?
A: We import your transactions as soon as the bank lets us know of them, so you don't have to wait a long time to reconcile your transactions anymore. We make the process move along a lot faster

Q: How many cards can I connect?
A: You can connect an unlimited number of cards. Most folks connect at least one corporate card and a personal card. 

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