How to view and export Corporate Credit Card expense activity

View and export Corporate Credit Card expense activity

The search bar at the top of your Inbox page allows you to filter your expenses and export the corresponding data. Click  here for more information on creating custom reports. 

If your team uses corporate cards, you can use the Filter feature to view and export data on corporate card usage. Here's how: 

Click the  Filter Expenses button and then enable the "Reimbursable" filter to select "Not Reimbursable"

You can also use the 'Sort By' button to organize all of the expenses in that search filter by expense date, submission date, review date, and amount or by descending or ascending order by date, or the "All Time" button to ensure you are seeing all of your submitted corporate card expenses. 

We will then display only those expense that are non-reimbursable (i.e. from a Corporate Card). You can further filter by Date Range, Group, Employee, etc. to create a more custom view. 

When you are ready, you can Export that data to a .CSV or a PDF via the Export button (also in-line with the search bar). Our reports are a great way for you to get the raw data and preserve it off-line or share it with a third party.  Learn more about exporting data here.

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