Can I 'un-approve' an expense as an Admin?

Once in a while, you may need to 'unapprove' an expense. 

This comes up every so often if you notice an expense was approved with the wrong amount, category, or tag. Or, you might just hit the 'approve' button by accident. Hey, it happens! 

The "unapprove" expense button will only be visible to Admins in the window of time when it is still possible to un-approve an expense.

 If a payment has already initiated (payment processing happens daily), the un-approve button will no longer appear in the expense detail. 

At this point, we are unable to reverse the payment, and any reconciliation of an expense approved in error will have to take place outside of Abacus. 

Please note, you are not able to un-approve corporate card expenses since this risks syncing in duplicate transactions to your accounting software. 

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