How do I connect Abacus to Bench Accounting?

If you are using  Bench's bookkeeping services for your business, we make it very simple for your Bench Accountant (or you) to export the expense data needed to properly account for all transactions. 

Granting Access to Bench

First you will want to decide whether you will be sending the files to your Bench Accountant or if they will be an Admin user in your organization. This is entirely up to you and your Bench Accountant. It's helpful to remember that Abacus only charges on active usage (having an expense approved), so your Bench user would not cost you anything - they are just downloading data. 

Exporting Expense Data

There are two ways to do this. 

  • The first way is to export Expense data tied to a specific outgoing company bank transfer. If you need to export expense data for your accounting platform, the quickest way to do that is go to your company's Bank Transfer History page to export the expense data tied to specific outgoing Bank Transfers. It's a one-click approach to getting the relevant expenses you need to book to bank transfers in your platform. Just click on the Export link that is in-line with the transfer and pick your file type (CSV or PDF). 
  • The second way is to use our Search & Filtering tools to slice through your company's expense history to find the expenses you want to book. Whether it's expenses dated during a certain time period, or just the expenses from corporate cards, our Filter tool can retrieve the right set of expenses for you to Export. See the help article on using our Filtering tool here
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