How do I connect Abacus to QuickBooks hosted in Right Networks?

If you are looking to connect Abacus to your QuickBooks Desktop company file and that file is hosted in a Right Networks environment, then first you want to make sure that:

1. You are logged into Right networks and QuickBooks as an Admin

2. You follow the instructions we have outlined in this article:  How to Connect Abacus with QB Desktop.

You can follow those steps while logged into Right Networks. 


If you are unable to follow the integration steps because you don't have a web browser in your Right Networks account, then you can contact their technical support team and they will help install one in your account (we suggest the Google Chrome web browser). 

How to reach the Right Networks technical support team for assistance:

If you run into any other trouble integrating the two accounts, you can get in touch with our team at

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