How to reassign a manager for expense approval

For more information on how to add managers to your team, check out this article on  managing your team on the People page.  

For admins: reassigning an expense to another manager for approval

Admins have the option to add an additional layer to the approval flow by assigning each employee a manager in Abacus. Once you've assigned employees a manager, any expense they submit will first appear in the manager's inbox for approval. Once approved by the manager, the expenses will be sent to the Admin's inbox for final approval.   

Occasionally, expenses may need to be routed to another manager for first approval. In this case, either the admin or the manager can reassign the manager on a per expense basis. In the expense detail, just click the "reassign manager" button: 

You'll be given the option to search and select any member of the team who has previously been assigned manager or admin privileges: 

Once the expense is assigned a new manager, an audit trail will make note of who made the change and who the new manager is: 

For managers: How to reassign an expense to a different manager 

Managers have the same option to reassign the manager on an individual expense. Rerouting the expense to a new manager will not permanently reassign the manager of an employee. Reassigning a manager pushes the expense from a manager's inbox into someone else's inbox for first approval. 

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