Roles and Permissions

Admin Role 

Admins have access to all account information and settings, including:

  • Admin approval triggers payment for reimbursable expenses
  • Inviting new users to the Abacus account 
  • Company bank account and bank transfer history
  • Accounting integrations
  • Customizable feature settings
  • App integrations
  • All expenses submitted by members of the organization
  • Billing information
  • To make someone an admin in Abacus, edit their settings by clicking the pencil icon next to their name: 

Or you can select multiple users by clicking the check boxes to the left of their names, and then clicking Bulk Edit:

Then, change their Admin toggle to "yes":

Admin Approval Permission Settings 

Have an accountant you want to invite to your account? Need someone else to invite users but don't want them to approve expenses to release funds? You can add them as an Admin to your account, and then turn off their 'final-approval' privileges in your settings. 

Admins who do not have 'final-approval' can do  everything that admins can do, with these exceptions: 

  • They can't approve expenses for payment (they can still 'manager approve' an expense, if they're a manager, but it will still require approval from an Admin with 'final approval' permissions)
  • They can't create auto-approval rules
  • They can't make other people admins (they can invite people, and they can edit other information about people, but they can't make people admins)

To set these permissions, navigate to your   Admin Permissions tab in your Company Settings: 

How do I prevent admins from approving their own expenses?

Many companies choose to prevent their final approval admins from approving their own expenses. If you would like to turn on this feature, go to your Account & Settings page, and to the Optional Features tab. You will see the following option:

Once you select the checkbox, click "Save." If you do not want any other admins at your company to change this setting, reach out to and we can make the feature invisible on that page. 

Manager Role

Admins may assign an employee a Manager role. Managers can be assigned to other members of the team to add an additional layer of approval in the expense flow. Managers can view expenses of all employees they are managing. 

Admins can assign employees Manager roles on the  People page. If you'd like to give one employee a manager, click on the pencil icon next to their name, and type the manager name into the "Managed By" field. If you'd like to have one user manager multiple employees, you can select those employees in bulk, and then fill the manager name into the "Managed By" Field. 

What if you are both an admin and a manager? 

The expenses of the people you manage will go directly into your Inbox, and your approval will be final. For reimbursable expenses this means the payment process will begin, and approved corporate card expenses will be synced with your accounting software.  

User Role

The user or employee role is for Abacus users who will only be submitting their own expenses, and looking at their own expenses in Abacus. Every new user you add to Abacus is automatically a user, unless you specify that they are an Admin. They will only have the option for the User view. 

In their Expenses page, users can submit reimbursable expenses or non-reimbursable expenses. They can manage their receipts library in the Receipts page, and connect a personal card in their Cards page. 

The user's Account & Settings page is where they can manage their personal settings. Here they can connect the bank account they would like their reimbursements to go to, and decide how they want to receive Abacus notifications in their Notification settings. 

Delegate Role

If you have team members who are responsible for submitting corporate card expenses on behalf of others, or if you otherwise have cards that are shared between employees, you can assign a delegate in Abacus! For more information on this role, please refer to this  help doc.

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