Can I edit an expense amount?

I'm submitting an expense and want to adjust the amount of a credit card transaction 

We don't allow you to adjust the amount on a credit card transaction from a corporate card. Reason being, most companies use credit card management in Abacus to make it easier to match these transactions with the credit card statement. In order to do this, the amount needs to remain intact.

Need to split the transaction across multiple expenses? Check out this article on  splitting expenses across category, note, client, etc.

I'm an admin and want to adjust the amount of an expense

If you're reviewing a reimbursable expense, you may adjust the amount by clicking the 'Adjust Amount' button below the approve and deny buttons on the expense.

You can leave an optional note, and then save your changes and approve the expense. Then click "save and approve" to adjust the amount and approve the expense in one click:

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