Bulk Editing Expenses

Bulk Editing Expenses

As an admin, you may need to edit the fields of multiple expenses at once before approving them.  For example, if you want to change the merchant name for a group of expenses, or if you've made a change to your category names you may need to update the categories en masse.

There are several bulk actions you can take on expenses: 

  • Approve and Deny 
  • Reassign the manager
  • Edit the Merchant
  • Edit the Category
  • Edit a Team Field
  • Edit an Expense Field

Once multiple expenses are selected (don't forget about the "Select All" button in the top left corner of your expense list!) click the Edit button next to the fields you want to change:

For merchant name, just type in the new name of the merchant: 

To edit the category, select from the dropdown of your Category list: 

To edit a Team field, select the appropriate field (i.e. "Location" ) to apply a change to all expenses:

To edit an Expense field, choose the corresponding expense tag (i.e. Team Event) and select from a dropdown of more specific information (i.e. Q1 '17 Fun Committee): 

Using these features in conjunction with our Filters is a great way to make the necessary changes a certain subset of expenses. Learn more about using filters to create custom reports  here

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